Mulch: Essential Fall Preparation

As fall approaches, we are getting ready to put our gardens to bed! This summer has been bountiful and beautiful, but we are just about ready to wrap things up for the season. One of the best winter preparations you can do for your garden, is adding a layer of mulch.

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Mulch is Super Beneficial!

The first frost of the year can do damage to your plants, but mulch can seriously help! It will insulate your soil, helping to prevent frost heaving. The ground can dramatically move your plants as it freezes and thaws. Ground heaving is particularly an issue for bulbs that were planted in the fall, and for any annuals that you might want to protect.

Mulching also helps to keep a consistent level of moisture in your soil, which is important for any late season plants that you might have.

Mulch in Garden Bed

Another benefit of adding mulches to your garden is weed suppression. The mulch will smother any existing weeds, while preventing any future weed seeds from bedding in your exposed soil.

DIY Mulching

There is a variety of different mulch materials that homeowners can choose from. If you collect grass clippings, feel free to use them as long you haven’t applied any chemicals to your lawn that you wouldn’t want in your garden. Clippings can also get slimy if you put down too thick of a layer, so you will have to build up layers over time.

Fallen leaves can work as well for a DIY mulch option. Leaves, however, don’t have much nitrogen and in turn, are not the best for encouraging spring growth. Leaves are also very light and can be blown away even easier than grass clippings! Straw is another alternative, but straw tends to contain invasive weed seeds that are undesirable in the garden.

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BigYellowBag Premium Mulches

Our years of gardening experience have proven to us that the most effective mulches are bark mulches. Not only do bark mulches have all the benefits of added moisture retention, insulation, weed suppression, and erosion prevention, but they look great too! Participating BigYellowBag suppliers can provide Midnight Black Bark Mulch, and/or Original Red Bark Mulch in a convenient BigYellowBag! Adding mulch to your gardens in the fall has never been easier.

Cameron Shimoda

Garden and Soil Enthusiast