Maintaining the Flowers in your Garden

I know that the to-do list to keep your flowers blooming and greens thriving can feel miles long. If you break the list down into smaller pieces, it’ll be easy to keep up with all of the tasks.

Do I really HAVE to weed?

Yes, weeding is an important task to do pretty much every day, even if we pretty much all hate it. Weeding regularly will help keep your flowers and greens from getting crowded out of their own space. Plus, it also helps keep your garden looking its best. Remember when you’re weeding to get the whole plant, including the roots! You should also be careful not to disturb the plants you actually want to keep. Weeding is easiest to do when the soil is damp and the weeds are smaller. Putting this chore at the top of your to-do list will save you some major headaches (and backaches) down the road.

watering maintenance

You might be tempted to give your garden a drink every day. However, some flowers and greens actually do better when they have to work for it a bit. Do your research and see how much water your garden actually needs, and how often. You could put this task further down the list! Then you’ll be able to save yourself a bit of money on your water bill, too. Remember to water either early in the morning or in the evening. Do not water in the heat of the day, the water will evaporate faster than the soil will absorb it.

The Best Soil for the Job

Speaking of soil, it’s a good idea to check your soil levels every few weeks. Particularly if you’re in an area that’s had a lot of heavy winds or rains. Check to see if your plants’ roots are being exposed. If the soil in your garden has been washed away, top it up so your flowers and greens will have the space they need to grow. We recommend you use BigYellowBag black garden soil.

Overseeding BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil Garden Flowers Vegetables

It is light and fluffy – we screen it multiple times to make sure that all clods are removed ¬– and made up of a perfectly-balanced mix. Our mix of black loam, peat loam, compost, and manure makes sure the soil doesn’t get too wet or too dry. It’s also packed with all of the ‘food’ your plants need to grow healthy and strong: essential nutrients and organic matter. To keep you soil in place, you might want to consider installing an edging around your garden.

More Maintenance Tools

Keep up with your deadheading, it will make your garden look tidier. Plus, some varieties of flowers will actually bloom multiple times if you prevent them from going to seed. Deadheading is when you remove the dead flower heads from the stem to encourage new flower growth. You might need to prune or shear larger plants, but you should be able to just pinch off smaller flowers. If you have some younger gardeners-in-training, this is a great job to give them so they can be involved, too.

Garden Map

If you haven’t done it already, keep a journal of your garden. Sketch out what you have planted where (particularly your perennials), how much sun and rain each area generally gets, etc. This will help you during the winter when you want to start planning next year’s garden.