Countdown to The Holiday Weekend and Planting!

The holiday weekend is rapidly approaching, and for many of us, that’s the time for planting!

You’re probably already seeing some of your perennials making their grand return in your flower beds, and if you’re growing any fruits or veggies, it will soon be time to put those seedlings into their seasonal home.

But if you’re looking to add an extra special touch to your garden, then it’s time to consider what annuals you’ll be incorporating into your garden this year.

There aren’t too many sights quite as beautiful as the contrast between the deep, dark Black Garden Soil and the vibrant colours of the flowers.


Speaking of contrast, there are two gardening themes trending this year, and they are literally at opposite ends of the spectrum. Some folks are opting for bold hues, even neon colours, in their garden. On the other end of things, there is also a trend for soft colours; blushed pinks and pale blues, with more of a Victorian feel.

Whether you want to work with one of these trends or do your own thing, one of the best ways to help your plants grow is to incorporate BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil into your existing soil. This will add beneficial microorganisms, nutrients and also create airflow in the soil. Your plants will grow bigger and healthier.

If you want a more uniform look when you’re all done planting, you can either spread a layer of Black Garden Soil on top, or you can use mulch. Mulch has a number benefits, as it can help keep the soil’s temperature more balanced. It also helps retain moisture and prevent weeds.


Cameron Shimoda

Garden and Soil Enthusiast