Earthworms and How They Help Your Garden!

Whether you’re growing fruits, vegetables, flowers or other plants – or a combination of them – there’s no doubt that you work hard at tending your garden. After all, the chore list runs long: weeding, watering, pruning … Thankfully though, you have some small, unsung heroes who are helping you out with the workload every day: earthworms. While they may look a bit unassuming, earthworms offer some huge benefits to your garden!

Earthworms are your squirmy little garden helpers!

How Earthworms Work

Earthworms eat things like leaves, dead roots, manure and grass. After they’ve consumed these items, they leave behind castings. Worm castings are essentially a type of soil that’s rich in nutrients and microorganisms. Castings are very beneficial for your plants. They help your plants grow healthy and strong, and they can help naturally fight off diseases!

Not only that, but earthworms also help turn the soil, by bringing the organic matter from the upper levels down into the lower levels. This means that your garden soil will be all good, all the way through.

While they’re doing this, they create passageways for air and water to flow in your soil – two key components for healthy plant growth.

Your Garden Needs Worms

It’s important that water can not only work its way down into your soil, but that it also drains at a good rate. You don’t want your plants to get too much of a good thing. Earthworms’ tunnels also give your plants room to really stretch out their roots. This will make them more resilient to any additional stresses like heat and drought!

While they are a boon for your garden, earthworms don’t just live anywhere… Kind of like Goldilocks visiting the three bears’ home, everything has to be just right for them to settle in. Earthworms don’t want soil that is too hot or too cold; too acidic or too alkaline; too dry or too wet. So, if you’re finding earthworms in your soil, that’s a good indicator that you’ve hit a good balance.

Worms LOVE BigYellowBag

One of the best ways to hit that balance is by using BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil. Since our soil is a perfectly-blended mix of black loam, peat loam, compost and manure, it’s a great home for all your garden’s earthworm guests. Loam is a special soil comprised of sand, silt and clay that has been mixed in the right ratios to allow for good drainage while also staying moist. What’s more, BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil is packed with essential nutrients and organic matter.

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When you get hard-working earthworms in our carefully designed soil, you end up with a winning combination that will ensure your plants have a strong growing season.

Cameron Shimoda

Garden and Soil Enthusiast