Manure and How it Helps Your Garden!

Cameron Shimoda

Garden and Soil Enthusiast

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  1. Shelly Aiken says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing! Does every bag you deliver come mixed with the manure? The soil i received i planted my strawberries first and the soil is rock hard after I planted them in a container. Is this normal or should I add more manure? Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Keith Scott says:

    Are the big yellow bags returnable?

  3. Hey Shelly!

    I’m sorry to hear that your soil has hardened! This can happen in containers if watering is less frequent. Our soil absolutely contains manure, but feel free to make small amendments as you see fit. Be careful with manure though, adding too much can be harmful.

    All the best and happy gardening!

  4. Hey Keith,

    Most BigYellowBag suppliers have empty bag return programs! Reach out to your local BigYellowBag supplier to inquire!

    All the best and happy gardening!

  5. D. Bergman says:

    Who can pick up my empty Big Yellow Bag? I live in the Don Valley of North York region of Toronto & notice that some of my neighbours have received a big yellow bag this spring.

  6. Hey there! We do not come to pick up the empty bags unless you are ordering a new one! You can see your BigYellowBag supplier’s empty bag return policy at this link: Click on “View Details” under your local supplier and their empty bag return policy will be posted there 🙂

    Alternatively you can reach out to your local BigYellowBag supplier to inquire about their empty bag return policy.

    Thanks for reaching out and happy gardening!

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