Fall Planters: The Perfect Time to Update Your Annuals

Fall is easily one of my favourite seasons! Crisp, brightly coloured leaves. Late season vegetables. Warm soups and hot apple cider. What’s not to love! The only downside of fall is the lack of blooming flowers. Those planters you made up in the spring might not be a big fan of the cooler weather. They definitely will start to show you when the cold is getting to them. In addition their leaves may begin to turn off-putting colours and the flowers will stop blooming. No need to worry though.. you can still plant some beautiful gardens and fall planters!

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Creating Fall Planters

Personally, I love fall colours. Deep reds, oranges, yellows, purples and a wide variety of greens. As a result they can help your fall containers be bright and vibrant. The first step is to dig out all of the annuals from your planters. After you’ve gotten rid of the old plants, replace the soil. We suggest our Black Garden Soil to provide your new plants with the required nutrients! Once you have replenished your planters with new soil, you can go ahead and pick out some new plants!

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Choosing your plants is another fun step! First pick out your flowers. Asters and mums are two of the most popular choices. The can withstand the cooler temperatures and provide you with beautiful, vibrant colours. Chrysanthemums, also called mums, are amongst the most popular fall blooming flowers. They come in a wide range of colours (pretty much everything except for blue) and contrast nicely with other ornamental flowers. When you’re buying a helpful tip is to pick the plants that don’t have opened flower buds. You will get to enjoy your blooms for longer this way.

fall planters BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil

Finally, pick out the ornamental plants to complement the flowers you have chosen. Ornamental kale, cabbage and pepper plants are all great options as the purple and green foliage will complement the flowers nicely. A long ornamental grass is also a nice feature, as it adds height and texture to the planter.

Add Colour to the Garden

These ornamental plants are also a great way to add some fall colours to your garden beds. Some mums are even perennial! If you plan your garden with all seasons in mind, you probably have some fall interest in there already!  Sedums, blanket flowers, and black eyed susans are a good place to start for some fall colour. These are all perennials that will bloom in the cooler fall season.

Cameron Shimoda

Garden and Soil Enthusiast