Winter Garden Color Update

As the season changes from fall to winter, it’s easy to fall into a bit of a lull… The temperatures start to drop, rains can make skies grey, and the days are getting shorter. It is common to see most summer thriving plants fading away around this time of year, but that just gives us an opportunity to update our garden color with winter plants!

winter garden flowers color soil

Fun Fact: The color of a flower depends on it’s genetics! Just like you might have brown hair because your parents do, plants get their colors from their parent plants.

The southern states have excellent growing seasons through the winter, and there is a variety of winter hardy shrubs and flowers that will make your winter garden vibrant.

A pretty common look is to plant evergreen shrubs as a backdrop, often close to the house or just at the back of a garden bed. Fatsia is a winter hardy shrub that will provide a nice canvas for your winter flowering plants, while blooming in the fall with creamy white flowers. Another popular evergreen shrub for winter gardens is euonymus. It is another green leaved shrub and it will be able to withstand winter conditions.

euonymus shrub winter garden soil

Now that you have your evergreen canvas in place, it’s time to start painting with winter flowers! Queen Ann’s lace is a tall plant with stark white flowers. It looks great in contrast to the deep green of your shrubs. The most common winter flower is pansies. They are small, vibrant flowers that come in a wide variety of colors.  In southern states, roses can also be grown year-round. They are notorious for their brilliant colours, varieties and perfection. The options are endless, and it’s a great way to get creative by revamping your garden colors for the winter.

pansies winter garden color

It’s important to remember that winter temperature drops and fluctuating moisture levels can be hard on your plants, even if they are hardy enough to withstand the winter. Give your plants the best possible medium to grow in… BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil. Originally conceptualized in tough Canadian growing conditions, the BigYellowBag has spread throughout North America, bringing with it the recipe for premium black garden soil. The recipe is based on ensuring that four key factors are perfectly calibrated: organic content, nutrients, moisture retention, and acidity. Rigorous testing keeps our soils at the best possible quality. You can rest assured that BigYellowBag will deliver the best soil money can buy.

Cameron Shimoda

Garden and Soil Enthusiast