5 Essential Fall Lawn & Garden Projects – Made Simple with BigYellowBag!

It seems as though the heat of Summer is slowly fading to Fall, and as much as we’re sad to see the warm nights go, we’re already looking forward to next Spring! Most homeowners spend time cleaning up their yard this time of year, but there’s so many other tasks to do that can help you and your garden get a head start. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 essential fall lawn & garden tasks, so that you’re setup for success by the time Spring rolls around.

1. Top-up Garden Beds with Black Garden Soil

You’re likely already planning on doing some Fall tidy-up soon. Everyone does some annual raking to collect leaves and debris, but once you’ve taken the time to clean up the lawn, what about your garden beds? Hopefully you’re also collecting debris from the garden, but it’s a great idea to top-up your beds with fresh Black Garden Soil at the same time! Why wait until Spring weather cooperates to fill your garden beds with nutritious soil? Cool, comfortable conditions also make Fall the ideal time to move soil around the yard.

BigYellowBag Lawn & Garden Care in the Fall

2. Plant Bulbs for Beautiful Spring Perennials

While you’re moving some Black Garden Soil around, it’s a great idea to get those perennial bulbs planted! Many of our favourite Spring blooms require a cold Winter chill to initiate their flowering process. Fall is the ideal time to find the best spots in the garden for your daffodils, tulips, and crocuses. Planting your prized perennials in Black Garden Soil will ensure they have the best possible start next year! Newer gardeners are sometimes confused when planting bulbs. It can be daunting to determine how deep to plant the bulbs, but we know a simple trick to always plant bulbs at the perfect depth. Use the size of the bulb as a benchmark, and plant the bulb about 2-3 times deeper than the size of the bulb. Cover the bulb back up with nutritious soil and wait patiently for Spring!

Lawn & Garden - tulips with Black Garden Soil

3. Add Mulch to Insulate Over Winter

With Fall setting in, one thing is certain… Winter is coming. We might not know the exact date when the Winter switch will flip, but we do know that preparing your garden for the cold conditions will make a big difference. Protect your garden, and the bulbs you just carefully planted, with BigYellowBag Premium Mulch! (Not available from all suppliers – check BigYellowBag.com for availability in your area!) Spreading a layer of mulch 2-4 inches thick will do wonders to your garden. It’s important to protect your soil from Winter erosion, and to insulate your perennial bulbs from early/late frosts. We know you’ll see a BIG difference using BigYellowBag Mulch!

Lawn & Garden - Mulch Beds

4. Topdress or Overseed Your Lawn

Fall is also the ideal time for lawn care! Cooler temperatures and increased precipitation make Fall your lawn’s happy time. Homeowners are catching on to the importance of topdressing and overseeding their lawns. Ensure that your lawn looks its best coming out of Winter hibernation by adding nutrients and new growth this Fall. We know weeds are always a concern, and truly the best way to combat lawn weeds is by reinforcing your turf by topdressing or overseeding. There’s a lot less weed seeds in the air this time of year too, so your topdressing won’t be disturbed by pesky weeds taking hold!

Great lawns start with BigYellowBag

5. Fertilize Your Lawn for a Vibrant Spring Green-Up!

For the same reasons that it’s a good time of year for topdressing or overseeding, it’s a great time of year for fertilizing your lawn! We recommend fertilizing at the beginning of each season for ideal turf performance, however it’s especially important in the Fall. Your lawn is preparing for Winter dormancy, storing energy and ensuring that it can survive the impending harsh conditions. Feed your lawn with a balanced fertilizer, that will provide all 3 essential nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.

Fertilize your lawn this fall for a vibrant Spring green-up!

Rejuvenate Your Lawn & Garden This Fall with BigYellowBag

Fall truly is a fantastic time to take care of your lawn and garden. We hope you’re able to take advantage of the ideal conditions, and can get your property on track for an incredible Spring season. Happy gardening!

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Garden and Soil Enthusiast

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