Summer Garden: The Last Chance to Plant

We’re about to tell you something that is not often said – are you ready for it? The thing is – it’s not too late to start a garden this summer… There, we said it!  It’s a common misconception that once the Spring planting season has passed, it’s too late to start growing vegetables. It’s simply not true! Early to mid Summer is a great time to start planning & planting many vegetables – and that way, you can harvest a delicious, garden-fresh feast in the Fall season.

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First things first, you will want to ensure you get some good quality garden soil like BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil. It’s a mixture of black loam, peat loam, compost and manure. Comprised of sand, silt, and clay, loam is a very important component in our soil. We mix it carefully, to get the perfect balance so that it allows for drainage while also maintaining moisture. All plants need healthy, well-drained soil in order to grow properly & produce a plentiful harvest, especially in a summer garden.

Filling Soil Bags with Black Garden Soil

Next, you will want to decide which vegetables you want to plant. There are a few things to consider… What is fast growing? What is easy to care for? And most importantly, what will do best in the hot summer heat? Not to worry though, we did some research and put together a list of 5 vegetables. All of them can be easily planted now and you can enjoy their harvest through the end of summer and heading into Fall. So, grab those garden gloves and get planting!


Good for your eyes, and good for summer planting! The ideal time to start planting carrots is late July into early August. This will give you time to actually start producing carrots in the Fall.

Carrots with Quality Soil

You can spice it up and choose from a variety of colours when planting this crunchy, tasty, and highly nutritious veggie. Carrots are a particularly good source of beta carotene, fiber, vitamin K1, potassium, and rich in antioxidants.

Tip: Weed & water regularly! Also, make sure to include some fertilizer after 5 weeks.


Most people wouldn’t think of growing cauliflower, but this hardy, healthy vegetable is perfect to enjoy especially when the weather starts to cool. Just spend a few minutes on Google, and you will get sucked into the vortex of thousands of amazing recipes and trendy adaptations of veggie. From cauliflower rice, to using it as a pizza crust, there’s plenty of great recipe ideas!

Summer Garden - Cauliflower

Cauliflower is best when planted late August into early September. Approximately 6-8 weeks before the first Fall frost is ideal. When planting, make sure to use a soil like BigYellowBag Nature’s Blend which has the added nutrients to ensure this soil is fertile for growing.

Tip: Choose a spot that gets about 6 hours of direct sunlight.

Summer Garden Spinach

Made famous by Popeye, we all know spinach is a great source of nutrition & helps to keep the body strong. Just like we get into our best grove in late summer, this uber-nutrient rich plant LOVES growing in late summer too. You will want to find a spot that has a lot of sun / light shade. Early August is a great time to plant for a Fall harvest – but make sure the soil is not too hot. If it’s been a really hot summer, you may want to delay slightly.

Fresh Garden Spinach Bunch


Another hardy vegetable that can be planted up to 85 days before the first Fall frost. Broccoli tends to thrive in cool weather, so the by the time it really starts to get in it’s grove, the summer heat is behind us and this veggie has its chance to shine! Make sure to check  the frost dates in your area, but when in doubt – mid-to-late august is usually a pretty safe bet.


You will need to ensure moist soil, in full sun. Keep a close eye on them because you don’t want the crowns to dry out.

Onions in Your Summer Garden

With so many to choose from, you can grow green onions, red, yellow or white. These are some of hardiest vegetables to grow while the weather cools – so they are perfect for late summer planting like now! These require lots of sun too and you will want to make sure they have a dedicated space on their own. Loose, well-drained soil is best for these.


There you have it! As much as we might think that it’s too late to start a garden in late July, the fact is – it’s not! As long as you can get your hands on good quality soil, some seeds or seedlings – you’re set.

Cameron Shimoda

Garden and Soil Enthusiast